RONDA – circular formwork

We offer a package of RONDA wall formwork incl. Accessories ready to use on site. Of course we will be happy to advise you in regard to new material which helps to complete your system. 

The condition of the formwork is used and good, so that the formwork is ready-to-use.

RONDA – circular formwork for any radii

When it comes to shuttering curves, RONDA® circular formwork has all the credentials:

  • Millimeter-precise radii adjustment (from 2.75 m) and fine-tune alignment possible as a result of the lever edge at the reinforced profile ends
  • Short forming times due to ready-to-use elements (two widths for inner and outer elements as well as three heights)
  • Low transport volumes and great stackability as a result of the minimum element thickness of only 21 cm
  • Additional edge protection of the form lining due to the outer MANTO edge profiles
  • Easy height extensions with the MANTO aligning panel clamp

RONDA elements consist of high-grade, flexible form linings fastened with countersunk screws to the stiffening profiles. Peripheral profiles protect the edges of the form lining and make it easy to connect MANTO® large-frame panels



Offer number: GA-14-013

Storage Location: Germany

Amount:  103,96 sqm

Price on Request €

Net price


Description Product-number Quantity
RONDA Aligning Prop 453070 25
Tie Waler 524949 18
Walkway Bracket 524950 26
RONDA Outer Element 250 x 200 529643 1
RONDA Outer Element 128 x 200 529654 8
RONDA Inner Element 123 x 200 529676 8
RONDA Outer Element 250 x 150 529687 8
RONDA Inner Element 240 x 150 529702 8



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