2.4m high LOGIK® 360 panel (two tie)

Package C – List: € 132,500 -- NOW € 22,600

25 double-sided shutters

 (approx. 35m linear run) Area 150m²

 Ancilliaries included in price


  •  Internal and external LOGIK® 360 panels
  •  Standard and adjustable clamps
  •  LOGIK® tie washer nuts (15mm)
  •  Packages is ex-hire and not new equipment

 LOGIK® 360 is the first circular system that can claim to produce a  true curve without any flat spots.

Features and benefits of LOGIK® 360

  • True circular panel formwork system
  • With colour-coded panel system, LOGIK® 360 is quick and easy to assemble.
  • Lightweight, slim profile
  • Minimal components
  • Fully compatible with MANTO®
  • LOGIK® 360 can produce circular walls to be formed as a small as 5m in radius.



Offer number: GB-15-05

Storage Location: GB

Amount:  150 sqm

22.600,- €

Net price


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